The Spunkflakes took to the streets to March For the Alternative yesterday in central London, masquerading as Conservative Party grandees Margaret Thatcher, David Cameron and Eric Pickles.

These Tories were of course marching streetwalking to support the cuts, chanting their own slogans:

Support the Cuts. More Cuts. Deeper Cuts.
Workhouses for the Poor. No schools for Children. No pools for Anyone.
No overtime for the Police. Pensions only for the Rich.

Can’t imagine why the crowds were booing us and chanting:

Maggie, Maggie, Magie! Die, die die!

Hope you enjoy these little video clips of our lovely day out.

Thatcher, Cameron & Pickles March for the Alternative

Tory grandees Margaret Thatcher, David Cameron and Eric Pickles are mobbed by a gang of anarchist protesters near Trafalgar Square.

Cameron, Thatcher & Pickles hit the ‘Dilly

David Cameron, Maggie Thatcher and Eric Pickles check the Police’s overtime sheets down Piccadilly.

Thatcher & Cameron at Fortnum & Mason

What a Pickle: Thatcher & Cameron pop into Fortnum & Mason for a quick break.

Thatcher and her adoring public
Maggie Thatcher, Cameron and Pickles draw boos and jeers as they support the cuts on the March for the Alternative.

Big thanks to our cameraman Trevor Watson who fought through the mobs for the footage. Also, check out Flickr for our Tories March for the Alternative photo set, plus a few galleries with photos taken by others on the 26March.




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