Spunkflakes is a 5-piece ‘Uptown Punk’ band birthed in 2014 from the ashes of a late 90’s cabaret/performance art act. We recently released our debut 6-track EP, Tales from the Skip, a collection of original mutant B-movie rock ’n’ roll songs including 46 and No Bra — a mongrel strut through the neighbourhood; Rent Boy Curry — a cautionary tale to lovers of after-hours delicacies; and King Kink—the band’s Disco-sleaze royale number.

Spunkflakes invite you to take a rumble ride with us through scuzzy punk pop…and back again. Catch a live gig or visit youtube.com/spunkflakes and take a gander at their latest video Bieber Luv — an ode to pop idol obsession turned deadly.

Spunkflakes and Little Lad Behind Bars

Shaun McDermott


Paul Neesham


Dan Salmon


Nic Rowley


Little Lad


Justine Pearsall

Bass Guitar
Latest Releases

They are all what clowns should be: not loveable, namby-pamby jokesters or bulimic Ronald McDonald milksops who distribute balloons to the kiddies, but an updated equivalent of Shakespearean jesters: bikers in black leather with scars and massive codpieces, ramming spunkburgers down our throats till we vomit.
— Stuart Morgan, Frieze,
Issue 19, Nov-Dec 1994

Spunkflakes Family Lift. Dan Salmon, Shaun McDermott and Paul Neesham. Directed by John Hardwick.

Cabaret Years

Spunkflakes were birthed on a mattress whilst getting stoned and watching the first Gulf War unfold on our TVs back in 1989. The name was only intended as a working title, but like the flakes themselves, it stuck.

We rolled out our original show in London’s gay cabaret scene with our first gig courtesy of DJ Simon Le Vans at the old Royal Oak. We quickly made the rounds performing with Regina Fong at The Black Cap and even managing a few sets at The Royal Vauxhall long before the RVT trend began. One of our favourites was a gig at the infamous drag venue The Bull & Pump where Al Baker held court, always managing to drink for free by popping his dentures into some unsuspecting punter’s pint — now that’s how you extend a pension!

Spunkflakes teamed up with Rachael & Clare of The Iced Gems and put on a Christmas special at the Birds Nest Theatre and the Tom Allen Centre while crossing into clubland with gigs venues such as Matthew Glamorre’s Smashing  — at the wonderfully seedy red velvet gentlemen’s club The Gaslight Lounge in Mayfair — plus Miss Kimberly’s Powder Room at Heaven. Even managed a night  with Tom Stephan masquerading as Tracy & Sharon at Watermans Art Centre.

About that time things took a turn towards art with outings for our original show at the Candid Café, Cubitt Artists and The ICA – including our Singing Urinal in their public toilets – and finally a few nights for Ömfintlig Hud as part of Club Deviance at the Almeida. Even managed a brief and rather stoned stint at legendary Berlin ballroom Schmalzwald courtesy of old mates Matt and Ju of Blast Theory.

We spent some time working our way up our own arses with a few films such as Broth before finally reforming as a band after an unexpected cameo with Dizzee Rascal which even made the front page of the Sun. As ever, we barely conceal our relentless picking of much-loved scabs, savouring again and again the bitter aftertaste.

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