The original Spunkflakes recording session where we woke from a late-night out stupor and pulled it all together for the first show. So old-school that everything was mastered onto Ampex Reel-to-reel audio tape. Pop culture references galore all making it into our first show Introducing the Spunkflakes.

And here’s a little danceable dittie from our original show called Are You Sitting Comfortably recorded back in the mists of time. Circa 1992/3. The soundtrack is a homage to Watch with Mother and Barbarella. Go figure!?

Watch with Mother

Are you a silly old rag doll? Have a listen but try not to age thirty years.

Then come on and untie us or we’re gonna call your parents!





Spunkflakes stitch together snippets of pop culture into mayhem-filled tales, with an emphasis on menace and mess,relentlessly picking at much-loved scabs.