Spunkflakes on Channel 4 OUT!

The three Spunkflakes got all TV’d up in the hopes of making it onto the TV, with a video shoot for Channel 4’s OUT! television series.

It was a hard day’s slog, and the Maya Vision film crew managed to blow the electrics and set the flat alight, burning Paul’s favourite and fabulous poster of Frankie Vaughan. A memento he’d filched during a surprise 27th birthday trip to see the legendary crooner at the Hackney Empire. Paul and co-conspirators Andy and Stella had pretended to be from the Melody Maker in order to meet/interview the legendary crooner.

Oh well, another memory bites the dust, and all of this so the Spunkflakes could end up on the cutting room floor! A mere 2 seconds of the day’s shoot ending up in the intro sequence to that particular episode of OUT! At least we have a nice record of Paul’s wondrous old burnt-out squat and his lovely pink glitter heels.

OUT! on 4
Cutting Room Floor




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