A pop promo video for the band Hefner directed by long-time Spunkflakes collaborator, John Hardwick. It was shot in and around our studio in Kings Cross with Danny featuring as a rather odd stringy fitness instructor jumping out in 4-inch Buffalo platform trainers plus with Shaun as a sexy beastly bully of a man, and our mate Rachael Harrison as his long-suffering bird.


Danny managed to go flying arse over tit on the very first shot of the day, nearly landing himself and the £30k camera ring in the Regents Canal, but mangling his ankle instead. Of course John needed coverage, so barely able to move, and screaming in agony, he got to fake the fall a few times more for coverage. Bollocks to that! Spent the rest of the afternoon in the good old NHS casualty ward at UCH while John re-wrote the script, shooting it all around Rachael and Shaun as the Cunt-of-a-Couple we’d written with him for our short film Broth. Danny getting back just in time to limp into the final shot. Of course you can see the damage in the very first shot of the finished video and the great prelude to Cunt of a Couple scene in Broth.

Visit the Hefner website for more. Directed by John Hardwick. Produced by Derrin Schlesinger. Hefner: Darren Hayman, Antony Harding, John Morrison. Actors: Dan Salmon, Shaun McDermott, Rachael Harrison.

The Sweetness
Lies Within