A short film set in the claustrophobic confines of a council block lift in which the main character, Neville, goes on an emotional journey which takes him to the dark and hidden recesses of his past. Broth was the final act of creation from the Spunkflakes in an artistic collaboration with director John Hardwick.

Written by Dan Salmon, Shaun McDermott & Paul Neesham. Produced and Directed by John Hardwick. Edited by Quinn Williams & Owen Oppenheimer at Metropolis Video. Actors – Shaun McDermott, Dan Salmon, Anne Brassier, Christine Marshall, Rachael Harrison, Paul Neesham, Will Kittow, John Coleman, Lisa Ratner, Ray Row Farr Adams. Thanks to Matt Adams, Ju Row Farr, Metropolis Video Production, Cubitt Artists, Lorna Robinson, Derrin Schlesinger, David Harrison, Simon Hayward, Richard Powell, Leke Solanke & Paul Hamlyn.