The Royal Vauxhall: Hurt Me Father

04 Dec 1994 Hurt Me Father, London


Time : 22:00
Venue : Royal Vauxhall Tavern
Address : 372 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, London SE11 5HY‎
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The Spunkflakes old family values show had liquefied and  evolved to become Hurt Me Father for I have Sinned, performed for a raucous crowd at the RVT. A bit of a hash with old bits from past shows diced and sliced, then stitched back together to form a new whole. Mainly with the aim of entertaining ourselves, but always going down a treat at the Vauxhall, even if this did turn out the be our farewell gig there.

On the political front, the Tories family values campaign had finally started to run out of steam with a young new Labour leader, Tony Blair, giving us all hope that the future might be a better place. Oh well, maybe it’ll just be more of the same.

Often unable to breathe, we exhaled a little booklet expressing our views on the current state of the British family.

Hurt Me Father for I have Sinned.
No, Hurt Me. Really.

Hurt Me Father
For I Have Sinned