Schmalzwald: Flogging a Dead Whore

Spunkflakes at Schmalzwald, Berlin
12 Dec 1997 Flogging a Dead Whore, Berlin


Venue : Schmalzwald, Schlegelstraße
Address : Schlegelstraße 26-27, 10115 Berlin

Christmas In Berlin! Spunkflakes are invited by cabaret empresario Gordon Monahan and the Good Folks in Blast Theory to perform a short residency at the now defunct Schmaltzwald on 12th to 13th December 1997.

Berlin Cabaret

Blast Theory were in the middle of a residency at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien when they asked us over to perform at Schmaltzwald — one of their favourite haunts in Berlin at that time. Some great memories of us running around  the castle that is Kunstlerhaus getting ready for the shows.

Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

Completely thrilling! Schmaltzwald was made for the Spunkflakes. A club through the eyes of Dr. Seuss and an over-generous host bearing gifts ensured we were crazed when we arrived, and oh so very late on stage.

Sure Fire Spliff
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