The Royal Oak: Introducing the Spunkflakes

Introducing the Spunkflakes at the Royal Oak, Hammersmith
15 Apr 1993 Introducing the Spunkflakes, London


Time : 22:00
Venue : The Royal Oak, Hammersmith
Address : 62 Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith, London W6 0LR

The very first full show gig for the Spunkflakes at the Royal Oak in Hammersmith, West London and a warm welcome from the resident DJ at the time Simon Le Vans.

Sheer delight for the Spunkflakes. Sheer fright for their friends and family!

Thanks to Tamsin Goodliffe, our trusty dresser, Simon Hayward for snapping a few pics, and Linda Jacobs for shooting the very first video of the Spunkflakes treading the boards.

Carmina Shag

Carmina Shag from Introducing the Spunkflakes.

Introducing the Spunkflakes

Sheer Fright
Sheer Delight