Preaching to the Perverted Crucifixion

Paul Neesham in Preaching to the Perverted
01 Sep 1996 Perverted Crucifixion, London


Venue : Stuart Urban & Cyclops Vision
Address : Private Event, location undisclosed

A special command performance of the Spunkflakes Carrie Crucifixion in the S&M club scene for Stuart Urban’s film Preaching to the Perverted. In the parade of perverts — including the Chaos Clowns, the Axle Grind Girl, Miss Kimberly, the Fetish Nun and Tutu — Our Paul took an even larger role as one of the fetish kids and all around freaks.

Simon stood in for Danny that day giving a rousing performance portraying wood. Seems our performance landed on the cutting room floor, but the line from a Tory toff remained:

“Tanya Cheex crucifies people on the bloody stage!”


Fetish Kids