Powder Room: Kimberly’s Answerphone

30 Nov 1994 Kimberly's Answerphone, London


Time : 23:00
Venue : Powder Room at Heaven
Address : Under The Arches, Villiers Street, London, WC2N 6NG

We started the show with a special full-on sexy discreet cleft performance to Kimberly’s Answerphone messages, moving onto a specially requested reprise of our tribute to marital fidelity, the Carmina Shag peaking to a live birth and I’m Coming Out. After a brief stop at our special creamy Flake, we built to the inevitable conclusion of The Family, Carrie and your Hallelujah Chainsaws.

Happy Christmas

The evening would’ve been a smashing success, were in not for the police being called to attend after a Christmas tree went flying across the foyer. A small disagreement over the night’s guest list and financial dealings leading the way. After being escorted from the building flanked by coppers on all sides, it was needless to say our farewell gig at the Powder Room.

Family Values