Paradox: Finger of Fudge

Paradox flyer by Dan Salmon
23 Oct 1993 Finger of Fudge at Paradox, London


Time : 22:00
Venue : The Bull & Pump, Shoreditch
Address : 72 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JJ

Paradox was the rebrand of the infamous Bull & Pump in Shoreditch. It was one of the first gay pubs that we started drinking in back in the mists of 1987 which was the year Paul, Danny and Shaun met.

Orange Juice On Ice

By the time we played the the venue as a pub was well on the way out and indeed branded itself as a ‘sports bar‘ so why we were booked to play there was beyond us, Nevertheless someone in their wisdom did just that.

The Sight of Danny giving birth to Paul and then falling arse over tit off the stage was worth showing up for.

off the stage