Matt’s Gallery: Artists Behind Bars

23 Apr 2016 Artists Behind Bars, London Free


Time : 18:00
Venue : Matt's Gallery
Address : 42-44 Copperfield Road, London E3 4RR
Zip : E3 4RR
Contact Website :

Join Spunkflakes for a night of art, music, dancing and above all drinking, at Matt’s Gallery’s last ever event at Copperfield Road, Artists Behind Bars. It’s a group show with over 25 artists installing, hosting and running their own bars for one night shift only.

The Bars as Art

CA$H Bars Only
Drinks will Vary

Each bar is a work of art so pop along and enjoy mingling between the bars to catch sight of the artists’ creations and watch performances throughout the night.

Spunkflakes Behind Bars

No live music from the band for this outing, but we’ve put together a special show of films, videos, a few art pieces and even the odd bit of cabaret. Our little bar will be tucked away at the back of the venue and specially decorated to match the murder, mayhem and menace of our music. All mixed around a little disco dance floor so you can let your hair down and spin the lights fantastic.

Rent Boy Curry

We’ll even be serving up tasty portions of our Dennis Nilsen cannibalistic treat Rent Boy Curry ‘N Rice. No veggie option because only meat is murder. Wash it down with a serving up our special brews: Thundercrack Punch or Flakebite ‘N Black. For afters save room for a round of Shot ‘N Slap, our tipsy jelly treat with a chance to Slap My Arse.

Plus we’ll be selling a few things in our little pop-up-shop, including a special edition T-Shirt celebrating Celebrities Behind Bars: Glitter My Shitter in silver or gold!

Spunkflakes 46 and No Bra t-shirt black Glitter-My-Shitter-gold-on-black-Tictail-01

Glitter Your Shitter

Artists Behind Bars is an event concocted by Robin Klassnik, founder of Matt’s Gallery, and artist Kitty Finer. It brings together artists who share an interest in spontaneous structures of hospitality and the (part time) role of bartending. It’s the Matt’s Gallery moving party presented by Kitty Finer, Matt’s Gallery and X Marks the Bökship.

A veritable menagerie of artists will also be serving up their own drinks and art: Melanie Jackson & Jennet Thomas, Richard Grayson, Tai Shani, The Caged Antelope, Holly Slingsby, Jo Bruton & Lucy Gunning, Brian Catling, Laura Dee Milnes, Silvia Ziranek & Tatty Devine, Spunkflakes, Sophie Cundale, Kitty Finer, Bartoona, Patrick Goddard, Keef Winter & Steven Morgan, Samuel Levack & Jen Lewandowski, Laura Hensser, Sarah Duffy, Angus Braithwaite & Benedict Drew, Lucy Woodhouse, Eleanor Vonne Brown, Push Bar To Open, Julika Gittner, Rosalie Schweiker, Cullinan Richards, Behind the X, OSE Studio Bar, Da Thirst, Ruth Beale, Liam Scully, The Caged Antelope and more on the night.

Cheap Drinks
Cheap Eats
Admission Free


So make a night of it with Spunkflakes and hordes of art lovers for a night of high art and low camp. Come one. Come all. Leave in a coma. End up Behind Bars.