ICA Discreet Little Cleft

Spunkflakes, Discreet Little Cleft, Ripple Effect flyer
01 May 1995 Discreet Little Cleft, London


Time : 20:00
Venue : The ICA, The Mall
Address : 12 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AH

Our last major performance following our review in Frieze magazine when we were being regarded as Art — we preferred Arty Fucks amongst other things — and getting asked to play in some great venues. The show was a double-bill with fellow performance scene mates Tutu and Franko B as part of fringe art activist Lois Keidan’s Ripple Effect at London’s Institute of Contemporary Art. Just a stones throw from our Queenie’s palace don’t ya know!

It was definitely our biggest production piece, we performed all our main pieces in front of a huge screen playing a film scratch tape and soundtrack which we produced  specially for the ICA called Discreet Little Cleft.

up to our titties
in Pro-Plus

Working within the Spunkflakes at that time was never an easy ride and getting this particular show on was really difficult. We were completely manic and up to our titties in Pro-Plus washed down with copious pints of Snakebite & Black.

Snakebite & Black

Somehow we managed to pull it off and it was a memorable show… all the senses working overtime, striding across this huge stage covered in blood and milk pulling sausages out of my arse and poking my daughter before being battered by a giraffe wife… I was fifteen people in one! Like a proper Friday night out on the tiles.

Spunkflakes, Discreet Little Cleft at the ICA, London

Our crowning glory was two women there to see the other acts walking out minutes into our show. We were oblivious to it on stage, but apparently they made a big stink of leaving and then most wonderfully waited outside, accosting our audience as they left to berate them:

“How could you watch that misogyny? Shame on you! Shame on you all!

They really were our favourite fans that night. Such passion. AND, such purpose to wait around just for the chance to throw verbal stones at us and at other punters — fantastic!

Sticks & Stones
Don't Break My Bones

Alas, there there were two estranged Spunkflakes at the end of this show and it would be quite some time before we were able to work together again. Bit of a bastard really as we were offered a couple of great gigs which we couldn’t fulfil.

I'm just sick of it!
Sick to Death of It!