Fantastic Fool

Fantastic Fool flyer (front)
31 Dec 1999 Fantastic Fool, London Sold Out !


Time : 20:00
Venue : Cubitt Artists, Kings Cross
Address : 2-4 Caledonia Street, London N1 9DZ

Spunkflakes teamed up with artists David Harrison along with Will Kittow (Co founder of Blast Theory) plus mates Alex Royffe, Simon Hayward and many more to launch our own wonky take on the Millennium. The Fantastic Fool bash was thrown in the bowels of the original Cubitt Artists gallery. Planned for only a night, we ended up back there again and again over three days.

Long Live
the New Flesh

Just a shame the sound system wankers turned up at midnight to rinse us of a few more quid. Always book your system overnight, i.e. past midnight. Always read the small print.


Photo designed by Simon Peter Hayward with contributions by Paul Neesham, Shaun McDermott and Dan Salmon. Thanks to Brian wood for help with the montage video.