Cubitt: Single or Return?

Spunkflakes Single or Return? at Cubitt
24 Feb 1995 Single or Return?, London


Time : 22:00
Venue : Cubitt Artists, Kings Cross
Address : 2-4 Caledonia Street, London N1 9DZ

This was one of our most all round Glamorous shows for the Spunkflakes as we were on home turf in the Cubitt Artists studio in Caledonia Street in the heart of deliciously grubby Kings Cross. Our hearts throbbed with gratitude at being invited to play at one of Peter Doig’s now-infamous club nights with DJs Neil & Matt S, Monkey Island and SNCF in that moist basement space. All our mates had turned out in force and it was packed to capacity for the night. Immediately prior to the show we had been upstairs stitching the giant cocoon-to be before hitting the stage in a vaseline haze.

vaseline haze

As you’ll see from the footage it was a night to revel in. After the show backstage was like a scene from Dance of the vampires particular mention to the evergreen David Harrison in pompadour pink lifting wallets from the masses. We jest.

The Show featured: Discreet Little Cleft, Carmina Shag, Coming Out birth, The Future’s Bright the Future’s Orange, TheFamily, Carrie Crucify and a finale of Fin del Mundo Chainsaws. We bathed in Blood and milk. Sheer Bliss.

Fin del Mundo