Cubitt: Broth Garden Party

Broth Garden Party and the Hanging Gardens of David Harrison
17 May 1997 Broth Garden Party, London


Time : 19:00
Venue : Cubitt Artists, Kings Cross
Address : 2-4 Caledonia Street, London N1 9DZ

Any excuse for a Party! The Spunkflakes had just finished building the lift set which was to be central to our first film, Broth. This coincided with fellow mischief maker and studio mate David Harrison completing his hanging gardens of Cubitt. Lady Lucinda Lambton hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the tadpoles & frogs of David Harrison’s  fantabulous new rooftop Gardens & Pond.

On what was a gorgeous evening in May we teamed up to celebrate by delivering a garden party in the grounds of Cubitt Artists. Well the in-between bits where you could escape the sun — and make a bit of your own heat!


We’d started the day with a few in-costume surveillance video tests.

Don't Look at the Camera
You Will Be Watched

So the Spunkflakes invited everyone to an evening of music & mayhem in celebration of the start of their new film Broth with director John Hardwick. Even the Blast Theory gang turned up and made the lift their very own performance space. And yes, we do have hours and hours of surveillance footage of everyone larking about in the lift. Good times. Just wish we could remember them.

Blue nine
Red seven

Blast Broth!