The Birds Nest Theatre: Introducing the Spunkflakes

The Spunkflakes at the Birds Nest Theatre
06 May 1993 Introducing the Spunkflakes, London Sold Out !


Time : 20:00
Venue : Birds Nest Theatre, Deptford
Address : 32 Deptford Church Street, Deptford, London, E8 4RZ
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The Spunkflakes share billing with The Iced Gems at the dreadful old Bird’s Nest Theatre in the not-so-magical Deptford. What was billed as, “a night of PVC, lurex and sweat“, turned into a damp nightmare, with the venue’s manager billing us for everything from toilet roll on up. We didn’t even get to video the event as that would’ve incurred an extra fee. The few pics below were snapped before the manager ran down and made the punters put their cameras away. No pics allowed. Not because we didn’t want it, but because the tight gits at the Bird’s Nest wanted to charge a fee!

The Spunkflakes

The Iced Gems

At least it got us out and about. A big thanks to Rock for arranging the whole thing, and dealing with the management when it all went pear-shaped. Plus, all the Iced Gems for their part in bringing light to the stage and punters through the doors.

As with all our shows, the warning label reads, “Don’t bring your mother and not suitable for children.” Evening show 8pm from 6th to 8th May 1993.

PVC & lurex & sweat
Don't bring mother!