Henry Rollins Singing, 8 December 2008, photo by beezlebubba
Henry Rollins Singing, 8 December 2008, photo by beezlebubba

Henry Rollins

The ever-so-intensely-sexy Henry Rollins chimed in on the Gay Marriage debate over in his Vanity Fair column,

Of course same sex marriage is constitutional! The right to be yourself, to pursue life, liberty, and property, is protected several ways.”

The former Black Flag front-man and long-time human rights activist, took a swipe at former USA, Inc front-man Bill Clinton, “…doing Reaganesque damage to America,” with his Defence of Marriage Act, going on to say that Barack O’s recent move away from the dark side by no longer defending DoMA is hard to get worked up about:

Being happy about that would be like rejoicing that doctors are no longer applying leeches to patient’s faces when they complain of nasal congestion.”

But he saves a few choice words for those flag-wrapping fag-bashing politicians who only use the language of freedom while trying to file away everyone else’s rights. Rollins says,

Scratching around in the ancient dirt of repellent prejudice instead of tackling the real issues is amateur hour. You have a plan? Now’s the time.”

And for those of you who think he’s just looking after his own interests, here’s a few lines from his spoken word song The Gay Thing, 1998.

If I was gay, there would be no closet.
You would never see the closet I came out of.
Because I’d have burned it for kindling by the time I was twelve.”

Thanks Mr Rollins, and also to beezlebubba for the creative commons licensed pic.




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