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Blondie’s Parallel Lines is FREE this weekend with the Daily Snail in a smart move by the band to publicise their forthcoming new release Panic of girls.

Parallel lines was one of the albums you just had to own in the 70’s and it sent Debbie and her other misfit chums stellar with such uber cool hits as Hanging on the Telephone, Sunday Girl, Picture This and the juggernaut disco mutant Heart of Glass, but the main reason to let the Daily Mail mug you of the cover price of their rag is to get an early taster of the bonus tracks on the CD which are lifted from Panic of girls. ( below left, Cover by Chris berens) The new album was recorded in woodstock in 2009 and fans have been chomping at the bit to get a listen to it.

Blondie's new forthcoming album-'Panic of Girls'

Daily Mail and Blondie

Daily Mail and Blondie

The tracks include: Girlie, Girlie, Mother and¬† What I Heard Panic is due for release in December for Australia (Don’t ask!) and January in the UK. Blondie are currently touring in Australia with The Pretenders but expect them back in the UK soon to promote Panic.

Keep an eye out for more of Our Lady of Perpetual Peroxide posts but meanwhile get in the festive bally hoo with Blondie’s We Three Kings and for those who need to maintain their regular fix of the Sublime Miss Harry and her bandmates check out the official Blondie website¬†Blondie.net and to really mouthwash with the peroxide visit the best Blondie and Debbie Harry forum at tikilab.com.




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