The Great John Cassavetes — pioneer of American Independent Cinema and huge influence on film makers such as Martin Scorcese and Mike Leigh — This film follows John directing his last film ‘Love Streams’ alongside his wife and formidable starring actress Gena Rowlands.

There is also a companion book which was written during and on the set of Love Streams written by Michael Ventura.

The husband wife and team produced some cracking films together-Check out the box set below which contains Shadows, Faces, A Woman Under the Influence, The Killing of a Chinese Bookie and Opening Night.

Last but certainly not least Gloria in which Gena Turns in a bravura performance as a former gangsters moll who lives next to a guy who worked as an accountant for the mob.

He and his family hold incriminating accounts for the mafiosa and are on the run from them. All the family are killed apart from the youngest son who is snatched to safety by a reluctant Rowlands. The Film follows their journey on the run.

I’m Almost Not Crazy Part 1

I’m Almost Not Crazy Part 2

I’m Almost Not Crazy Part 3

I’m Almost Not Crazy Part 4

I’m Almost Not Crazy Part 5

I’m Almost Not Crazy Part 6

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